About Us

About Us

Kyra Authors Management Services, popularly known as Kyra Global, came into being at the beginning of 2022 in Dubai with the vision of creating a knowledge-sharing culture that will help connect nations and economies better. At Kyra Global, we think of ourselves as content creators and disseminators focused on equipping current and future generations with the knowledge they need to thrive in our rapidly changing world.

We provide a platform for the exchange of ideas on a global scale with a special focus on the countries of the Middle East. By working with thought leaders, academicians, creative writers, educationists, and business leaders, we enable the creation of top-quality content. We aim to be at the forefront of exploring new technologies, disruptive trends, and path-breaking ideas.

Our founder and his team with their decades of transnational experience in the publishing industry have the vision of enriching public discourse and thought through Kyra Global by playing host to global conferences, seminars, and webinars.

Some of the topics that we focus on are the future of education, corporate governance, food security, sustainability and climate change, wellness, parenting, and mental health among others. 

Why choose Kyra Global?

At Kyra Global, we believe in using our deep industry knowledge to provide our clients with well-researched inputs to further knowledge dissemination. We help host global conferences, seminars, discussions and deliberations on issues that are of importance regionally as well as globally. Our well-known authors and speakers take part in these events. Our focus remains on content creation, promotion of authors globally and strengthening of people-to-people ties.

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